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Good communication is vital for companies. It is what allows them to stand out from the competition and to maintain a certain visibility on their market. In terms of communication, all opportunities must be seized by companies to make themselves and their products known. Participating in public or private events is one of these numerous opportunities. Let’s discover together how to reinforce your brand image through events.

Before the event

There are certain steps to be taken before the event to ensure its optimal use.

Define your brand image

Before even planning the event, you should make sure to define your brand image if you have not already done so. The brand image includes all the perceptions, emotions and attitudes associated with your company. Branding is about communication through graphic design, the quality of your products or services, the way you treat your customers, etc. Defining your brand image allows you to better orient your event so that it is consistent with your corporate identity.

Hire an event agency

If you are the organizer of the event, it might be wise to entrust its organization to an event agency. These event professionals have all the necessary skills to make your event a success. The success of the event is more likely to have a positive impact on your brand than its failure. However, be careful not to delegate everything. You must be able to give clear instructions and communicate well with the agency.

Use social media to promote your brand

Building your brand using an event starts from the moment you confirm your participation. You can help organize it if you are not the organizer. Following the whole process of event preparation allows you to be considered as a full supporter. You can simply relay and initiate the digital communication of the event without great expense.

You can create a section on your web page dedicated to the event and to the diffusion of the details related to it. This section will be used to inform your customers and prospects of the activity.

It is advisable to use social media to promote your brand, because by sharing updates on the preparations for the event, you can increase the visibility of the company. Through relevant hashtags, you can communicate about the event and attract new customers. In any case, you should make sure to communicate your brand image through your posts to reinforce your company’s identity.

During the event

During the event, you need to be intentional about your goal of strengthening your brand and work towards that goal.

Offer flyers or goodies for the event

The set of physical media is important in the communication of a small business. With physical media, you can easily present your brand to a wide audience. Better yet, everyone can go home with a souvenir bearing your brand or logo.

If your company is participating in an event, using physical media to promote your brand can help you achieve business goals. Physical materials you can use include flyers and goodies quite easily.

Prepare a team to distribute flyers during the event. Your flyers should contain the essential information about your brand and your activity while remaining attractive on all levels. Choose to have your flyers designed by a communications agency.

For the goodies, depending on your objectives, there are many choices. There are several sites specialized in promotional items that can help you with their models. The possibilities of personalization are infinite with this solution. You can put your logo or your main colors on the goodies you choose. You will be able to make yourself known quickly. You will attract attention and will also take advantage of it to leave a souvenir of your activities. Ideally, think about choosing useful objects that will be used frequently.

Use signage to reinforce your brand

Using consistent colors, designs and logos allows you to make your brand easily recognizable to event attendees. This will reinforce your brand image and facilitate the recognition of your SME by the visitors of the event. Do not hesitate to use humor, colors, graphics and creativity to create a striking signage.

Use the event to interact with your audience

You can make the experience memorable and unique by building strong relationships with your customers. Make sure you have teams from your company on hand to interact with attendees, answer their questions and gather feedback. By doing so, you build customer trust in your brand and foster customer loyalty.

Organize demonstration and tasting sessions

It is also possible for your brand to develop during the event by presenting the products directly to those who do not know them. You can set up one or more booths for tasting or demonstrations if your activities lend themselves to it.

Factual communication, i.e. communication that is no longer based on words alone, but also on the usefulness of your company, gives customers the opportunity to judge and decide on your effectiveness. You can go further with the marketing trick of the free sample principle. This is the classic “buy one get one free” approach.

To succeed in such a technique, you will have to create a stand, advertise it with a signage system, choose a strategic location and have specific equipment such as advertising flags.

After the event

After the event, you can prolong the fun by posting photos or short videos of the event on your social networks. It can also be interesting to write to the participants to thank them for their presence, to collect their reactions and to invite each of them to contact you again to continue the conversations started during the event.

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