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One of the main concerns of a company manager is to improve team cohesion. To develop this cohesion, companies are increasingly resorting to team building. 

This practice, which is becoming more and more popular, consists in creating or strengthening the links between the employees of a company. Very often, these are rather informal moments and activities that take place outside the company. 

Team building activities have an impact on the quality of life at work and the overall performance of the company. Today, we will focus on some of the benefits of team building for your company.

Team building : to boost team performance

True cohesion workshops, team building days reinforce solidarity within the company. They create a collective intelligence to make everyone’s intelligence converge to serve the community. It is an initiative that allows employees to be more motivated and even more involved in their work.

Because team building activities allow to work on team cohesion through challenges, employees feel more motivated on different tasks. It is also a good time to determine the personality of each person in the company. 

It is by acting on the motivation of the employees that team building allows to boost the productivity of your company. At the same time, it helps to discover who are the leaders of each group and also those who bring new ideas.

To improve communication within a team

Communication is essential in some team building activities. These activities are especially designed for this purpose. Employees will be pushed to express themselves on their perception and expectations regarding their role within the team. 

It is an opportunity to develop the communication of the company which will not hesitate to evoke its values, its projects and its will to develop with its employees. In short, it is a moment of sharing that also focuses on the points that can improve the work atmosphere and the productivity of the teams.

Team building positively affects communication and working relationships within a team. This is the main effect sought when organizing such an activity, because better communication inevitably impacts the quality of life at work and eventually the performance. 

Every employee wants to work in an environment that provides opportunities for personal growth. Employees want to feel comfortable with their colleagues and be happy working with them. 

And team building activities make the work environment more enjoyable for employees, regardless of the size of the company.

Develop team spirit and collective intelligence

One of the goals of team building activities is to set common objectives for the teams. This allows to strengthen the links between the collaborators who can develop new affinities. It is in this way that the team spirit is implanted and developed.

Sports team building, artistic team building, adventure team building, workshops, themed evenings, seminars, etc., whatever the aspect of the team building activity, it always plays a role in consolidating the team spirit or the spirit of belonging. 

It also gives meaning to communication and strengthens solidarity. This is by definition what “team building” means. The idea is to allow each employee to express himself through these moments of relaxation and entertainment. 

And in the end, a positive motivation dynamic within the company is put in place.

Resolve latent conflicts

Team building is also used to calm down possible conflicts. It builds trusting relationships that develop when individualism gives way to team spirit through communication and understanding within the teams.

Improving team cohesion could not be done anyway without first defusing latent conflicts. Team building activities are therefore not only for the team, but for each individual employee. 

The individual is taken out of the usual context of hierarchical relationships and can more easily address conflicting issues. The freedom to speak is a guarantee of problem resolution. 

Employees will have a better perception of their colleagues and may even see some of the challenges from a different perspective.

Building trusting relationships

By putting hierarchical relations on hold for a few hours to focus on human relations, team building activities help create relationships of trust. These relationships between employees, but also with managers, help to bring all employees together around a feeling of cohesion essential to the resolution of conflicts, but also of daily difficulties.

The interest for a company to organize a team building can be found in the repercussions on the existing links. Of course, the appropriate activities must be determined according to the company and the expected objectives. 

Younger organizations are more inclined to use team building activities to strengthen the relationships of their human capital and to create a sense of well-being that can relieve employees who are often stressed or close to burn-out.

Perceive the qualities of each team member

Team building also allows employees to discover themselves. It can be a question of discovering a social fiber when it will be necessary to express itself within the group or to take up challenges within the activities. 

Some team building activities even allow employees to develop self-confidence, to learn to know themselves better to be more useful to the company, etc.

On the other hand, the sharing time established within the teams favors not only the reinforcement of the bonds, but also the discovery of the qualities of their collaborators. 

Usually locked up in their own bubble and obsessed with their work, some employees will have to dialogue, open up and share to understand what everyone can bring to the company. This will help overcome the lack of communication and the deleterious atmosphere it creates. 

Employees will even be able to better understand the distribution of tasks and responsibilities; all of which will contribute to improving the involvement of everyone within the company. 

Team building can hold great surprises. Some employees could turn out to be excellent managers and therefore assets for small companies.

Alicia Gomez - Senior Content Manager | Alicia is an author, blogger, and certified Enneagram coach with a bachelor's in Communications. She's been blogging for six years and run a consulting business offering communications, strategy. Her favorite quote: Be you. Break free. Break through.

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