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Managing a company’s finances is not an easy task. Any solution that can help save time, productivity and therefore money is often welcome. And the digital era has the advantage of having brought digital tools to the forefront to help manage a company’s finances. 

In fact, it is almost impossible to achieve good financial management today without the right tools. Here are some free digital tools that you should use to manage your company’s finances.

The open source software Dolibarr

Dolibarr is an all-in-one business management software. It is particularly designed for small and medium businesses that can use it to manage all their activities. Dolibarr is an open source enterprise resource planning software. 

It is a concentrate of essential tools for an optimal management of the operational services of a company. In fact, Dolibarr includes all the functionalities of a CRM and includes the management of suppliers, stock, products and the follow-up of orders.

Dolibarr is also able to :

  • Manage the accounting operations of any business in a professional manner
  • Import any data from another application
  • Insert images
  • Accurately track the status of activities.

It is a software package with many options that make it suitable for any business enterprise, regardless of its size.

Google Sheets

Google’s office suite includes an online spreadsheet that is completely free. It is Google Sheets. Like any spreadsheet and like Microsoft Excel, it can help you keep your own accounts and have them periodically reviewed by a chartered accountant. 

You can prepare tax returns, annual accounts and create a balance sheet with a spreadsheet like Google Sheets without spending a penny. Indeed, you only need to have basic knowledge in accounting to use the tool.

LibreOffice Calc

If, on the other hand, you want a spreadsheet program that is accessible offline like Microsoft Excel and free of charge, you can look at LibreOffice Calc. It is an open source alternative to Microsoft Excel. Like Google Sheets, it is completely free and is part of an office suite. 

On the other hand, LibreOffice Calc is much more widely used because it does not require an Internet connection. But this feature can be a handicap, because where Google Sheets backs up data to your Google Drive account, LibreOffice Calc does not automatically back up to the cloud.


Completely free with features that are well worth the money, Wave is a business application that needs no introduction. 

Validated by peers and specialists, the Canadian application has been voted Best Free Accounting Software by many companies. It is a software package that allows you to perform, among other tasks:

  • Invoice reminders
  • Digitization of receipts
  • Billing
  • Payroll management
  • Tracking of expenses and revenues
  • Management of several companies from the same account
  • Management of foreign currency payments,
  • Etc.

Wave is 100% free for small and medium-sized businesses, and it also offers cloud storage. So you could access your data from anywhere. It is also possible to add an unlimited number of collaborators and manage all your businesses with a single login. 

With over 4 million users worldwide, the app truly simplifies life by eliminating data entry and quickly providing the financial reports you need.


It is a very complete online invoice editing software. It has an impressive library of documents with the ability to customize documents. But Henrri can do much more, as you can perform major accounting tasks with the software. 

You can make down payment requests, payment reminders or simply all your accounting operations. Adapted to all company statuses, the software allows you to export data in one click and to make financial reports. Compatible with all major terminals (Tablet, iPad, Mobile, PC…) Henrri offers an ergonomic and intuitive platform


This cloud-based solution is entirely online with an intuitive and clear interface. Secure, the platform allows you to make invoices and estimates easily in the respect of your company’s visual identity. Its free version is perfect for self-employed entrepreneurs. 

You have the possibility to edit the invoicing elements, the statement of results or the reports you need. Without being complete, it is undoubtedly one of the best free accounting software for self-employed. You don’t need to be a certified accountant to keep track of your finances and anticipate your sales.


Grisbi is particularly suitable for basic use. It is a software that can manage multiple tasks such as expenses, balance sheet operations, third parties, revenue categories, budgetary allocations, etc. The tool allows for account-to-account transfers, simple and automated accounting entry, exchange rate and rate management, multi-account management, etc.


It is an integrated management software package available in two versions. The free version, which interests us here, requires you to host and update your tool yourself. MixERP is a tool that allows you to benefit from certain functionalities such as stock management, accounting management, sales management and even human resources management.


This software includes most of the essential functions of an accounting management software. Users will also discover some advanced functionalities such as the management of several companies or the multi-currency management.


Probably one of the best business management software packages on the market, Monday.com is a powerful ERP package that offers scalable functionality to suit your needs. Its free version, although limited, already offers you tools to track deadlines, schedules, your budget, etc. You will also be able to easily run your various accounting reports.

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