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The war for talent, in addition to intensifying, is now affecting more and more diversified professions. This war is justified by the need for managers to surround themselves with quality human resources to carry out their projects. But there is no miracle recipe for attracting talent to your team. It all starts with the quality of the manager. A good, competent and inspiring leader will be able to value his collaborators, to challenge them and to make them grow within the company. Hard skills, soft skills or even mad skills, we always want them by our side to meet the challenges of our company. Here are the keys to finding those rare profiles.

Work correctly on your job offers

The job offer is a good description of the position to be filled. A boilerplate text risks being lost in the mass and not reaching its target. For example, a vacancy is more attractive when the focus is on aspects that make the experience unique. Your job advertisement should therefore emphasize from the outset the reasons why the candidate will enjoy working for you and in your work environment.

The channels through which you advertise your jobs also influence the candidates you attract. If you are recruiting for a junior position where a lot of experience is not necessary, university and college forums and networks are excellent channels for finding new talent. Very often, their alumni continue to frequent these channels even if they obtained their degree years before. You can also distribute your offer via your own channels, via word of mouth or via a temp agency. In truth, there are many options worth exploring to reach your target.

Work on your brand image

There is no doubt that candidates’ expectations of companies have changed. They are now looking for flexibility, social and environmental commitment, etc. Your company must therefore work on its attractiveness on decisive criteria such as work/life balance, management and values.

Today, compensation is no longer the only motivation, especially for the younger generations. And to be sure of a company’s commitment, more and more candidates are looking for information via the numerous rating sites. Others ask former employees of the company or directly via social media. It is therefore important to be completely transparent and authentic on all these subjects. This applies both upstream and throughout the recruitment process.

Internship programs to find talent

You don’t necessarily have to start looking for talent when your small business is in need of reinforcement. Instead of waiting until the need arises, you can take advantage of internship programs to find the best candidates who will have the added benefit of knowing the company. Internships are a great way to test the talent of tomorrow. Thanks to the database you will have of your interns, you will be able to verify later if they are interested in coming to work for your company. Just keep the contact information and keep in touch after their internship.


Recruiting by internal co-option is a solution that allows the SME to reach profiles that are in line with the company’s expectations. It is necessary to call upon the network of its employees. By doing so, you contribute to their long-term commitment by allowing them to select their future colleagues, collaborators… Your employees thus become the real drivers of your recruitment and your best ambassadors to find the talents in their address book. It also increases the sympathy capital of your SME with potential candidates.

The career page on your site

The career site is an excellent way to recruit talented candidates. In fact, it is an essential employer branding tool. While a career page gives candidates direct access to company opportunities, it goes far beyond that. It also provides information about the company’s activities, history, values, vision and DNA. It is also a way to receive unsolicited applications.

A powerful tool that increases the attractiveness of your SME, the career page improves the quality of applications, because applicants are not there by chance. They apply with the knowledge of your company’s challenges and adhere to them. A career page on your website is a showcase for your recruitment campaigns. You can attract candidates, inform them about your company culture and sort them out while boosting your employer brand.

Continuing education to train the best

In the midst of increasingly rapid skills obsolescence, continuous training is not only a performance factor for your company, but also the surest way to limit turnover. It is not uncommon to find candidates who prefer companies that offer a coherent training program. In fact, an employee who is given the tools to reach his objectives, who feels he is progressing and who perceives his own development on a daily basis, is an employee who will remain committed. He will bring additional value to the company through his motivation and progress. Continuous training can focus on the development of technical skills, but also on the development of soft skills. The latter are nowadays the keys to promote the integration and the rise in power in a given position.

Raise awareness and train managers

Your managers are on the front line to raise awareness and convey the company’s values and vision. You need to train and support your managers at all stages of their new employees’ careers. It is one thing to be a good manager, it is another to be a good talent manager. Managers need to be aware not only of the right messages to deliver, but also of the new expectations of candidates, especially when it comes to management. Behavioral skills such as communication, trust, empathy and listening must be developed by managers. In addition to these skills, they have to play on the motivational levers to attract and retain the best employees of the company.

Alicia Gomez - Senior Content Manager | Alicia is an author, blogger, and certified Enneagram coach with a bachelor's in Communications. She's been blogging for six years and run a consulting business offering communications, strategy. Her favorite quote: Be you. Break free. Break through.

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