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Even if it is in the air of time and that it made think for a long time of science fiction, artificial intelligence is not a new concept. For several decades now, it has been part of our daily lives with, for example, the autopilot of airplanes or the voice assistant of our phone. Here are 9 tools with which you can surf on Artificial Intelligence to improve productivity within your SME.

The place of AI in your SME

First of all, artificial intelligence is a generic term used for any machine, software or service used to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

In business, AI can be an unbeatable assistant to you. It can help you automate certain tasks, access and analyze a larger amount of data to better make decisions; and much more. However, AI cannot do everything. Moreover, what it can do, it can do badly with margins of error that exceed the human norm. The diagnosis is clear, AI cannot replace the human in your SME.

It is therefore essential to understand that the use of artificial intelligence within your company must be done under constant supervision. As no technology can replace the quality control of the human eye, you must take AI as an assistant. Therefore, refrain from giving it full autonomy at the risk of losing money, productivity and time in case of monumental mistakes.

Interviewer.AI to automate recruitment

That being said, you can use technology like Interviewer to automate your recruiting. Interviewer uses artificial intelligence to screen candidates for a position. You can easily schedule video interviews with the candidates that the video interviewing platform will have helped you shortlist.

Interviewer.AI analyzes the responses of job candidates for you and identifies the best candidates. Your team will focus on evaluating only the best candidates, which is a considerable time saving. In its field, there are alternatives to Interviewer such as Breezy HR or Vanilla HR that also use AI to facilitate recruitment campaigns.

An assistant like Chatgpt to boost your decision making

It is possible to leverage artificial intelligence to gain insights that can help you make better decisions. By combining insights based on raw data with human experience and expertise, you can make better decisions.

Think about the mass of data that AI can process quickly and consider the predictive capabilities of the analysis and algorithms. With an AI that works on the basis of natural language processing, you will be able to have correct and objective data worded in the simplest possible way. This can serve as a basis for further decisions and actions.

Jasper your assistant for content production

Jasper is a powerful writing assistant. It is rivaled only by Chatgpt and technologies that use the GPT-3 technology developed by OpenAI such as Word.AI, Copysmith, etc.

With a writing assistant, you can get ideas for writing product sheets, Facebook or Instagram posts, etc. It’s important here to emphasize that AI is just a writing assistant and cannot be a credible alternative to human work.

Albert.AI to generate powerful marketing campaigns

Tools like Albert.AI allow you to generate marketing campaigns that will combine your creative content with data compiled and analyzed by AI to unearth your prospects. This technology can also be added to your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Albert aims to reach the right people for a high conversion rate. It uses the characteristics of your potential buyers to find you customers on a large scale.

LivePerson to automate your customer service

LivePerson is a platform that can manage the automated sending of text and voice messages to your customers. The platform is capable of conversing via multiple marketing channels with customers. It is also able to maintain fluid and engaging conversations with your prospects to convert them into customers. At the same time, the AI learns and improves  its algorithm as it goes along to be more accurate in its responses.

Textio to improve your job offers

This artificial intelligence tool relies on predictive technology to perfect your job offers. It analyzes any word with the ability to recognize more than 5,000 sentences. Thus, it scores your documents based on their ability to interest your target. At the same time, it can be used to eliminate underhanded gender discrimination in the recruitment process. It is used by many multinational companies such as Microsoft, Square, Twitter, Starbucks and others.

Fireflies for more productive meetings

With Fireflies, you have an assistant for your meetings. Using natural language processing, the tool eliminates the need to take notes during your meetings. You will be able to record, transcribe and search through discussions in a very intuitive way.

You can also record any video or audio conference in one click. With the tool, it is possible to add comments or tags to specific points of the transcript or tag members of your team to draw their attention to that specific point discussed during the meeting for example.

Sage AP Automation for managing provider and supplier payments

If you work with vendors, or have multiple suppliers, you can automate business process approval for your accounting team with Sage AP Automation. The suite reduces manual data entry, making accounts payable processing more efficient and less prone to errors. Plus, its cloud-based storage allows you to approve purchase orders, invoices, expenses, and payments from anywhere and with any device.

Crayon.co to keep an eye on your direct competitors

Crayon allows you to study the activities of your competitors on and off the Internet. You will be able to win more business, by observing in real time the movements of your competitors. The platform identifies the key elements in your competitive environment and allows you to have enough information  on your market to be the leader.

Alicia Gomez - Senior Content Manager | Alicia is an author, blogger, and certified Enneagram coach with a bachelor's in Communications. She's been blogging for six years and run a consulting business offering communications, strategy. Her favorite quote: Be you. Break free. Break through.

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