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Still called automated attendant system, the virtual receptionist service is a basic function of IP telephony. It consists of a call management system through the programming of a directory of options in order to answer calls or direct them to a specific line. A virtual receptionist service uses the voice of people who answer the phone on behalf of a company without being in the company. These people can be customer service representatives, answering service agents or appointment schedulers. Discover in this article 6 reasons why you, as a business owner, should opt for a virtual receptionist service.

Virtual receptionist service saves you money

In order to save money in your business, one of the best things to do is to opt for an automated receptionist service. By doing some comparative calculations, you will realize that the budget you will have to allocate to the payment of a physical receptionist is higher than the costs inherent to a virtual receptionist service.

Salary of a standard receptionist in Canada

A standard receptionist is more limited in his or her duties, but paradoxically will cost you more money, averaging $34,125 per year, which is $17.50 per hour. If he is an experienced worker, the annual salary can go up to 40,273 euros per year. In addition to paying an hourly wage, you will have to pay the resulting benefits, provide a work space and work equipment. In addition, there are recruitment costs, training costs for skill development, etc.

Some reasons for the lower cost of the virtual receptionist service

Unlike a physical receptionist, the virtual receptionist service is designed to work without the need for additional training. Also, the automated reception system allows to synchronize the expenses in call packages with the real needs in communication. This means that you don’t pay for more minutes than you need to, and you don’t lose money.

The virtual receptionist service offers a high level of performance

It is true that receptionists are hired based on their level of skill and experience. However, it would be dangerous for a company to stop investing in the continuous training of its personnel, and therefore in that of its receptionist, unless the latter is virtual. When you opt for the installation of a virtual receptionist service, you are committing yourself to a tool that is at the cutting edge of new communication technologies. The virtual receptionist is pre-trained to operate with new and efficient ways to serve your customers. The automated reception service is an intelligent system that meets the highest requirements in terms of business communication and customer service. These include:

  • Courtesy;
  • Call printing;
  • Reliability of the information given;
  • Mastering the overall “wow” factor;
  • Speed of call taking;
  • Timely provision of accurate information;
  • Automatic redirection to a service or resource person, etc.

The performance and speed of the virtual receptionist allows you to focus on other key activities of your company.

6 Benefits of a virtual receptionist service for your business

The virtual receptionist service relieves you and relaxes you

Having your head in the office even when you are on vacation on an island with your beloved wife and three children is not a syndrome that is reserved only for workaholics. Being in the office even when you are not there is something that can happen to any business owner who doesn’t really trust his staff to manage things well without them being there. In particular, if the receptionist doesn’t perform flawlessly, it can stress you out even more when you’re off or traveling. 

However, with a virtual receptionist, you can have peace of mind when you are out of the office. Give instructions and they will be followed to the letter so that all important calls are handled as you wish. You will, if you wish, be automatically notified by email, text or call if a particular client reaches your structure and wants to talk to you. So you won’t have to worry about missing important calls when you are out of the office, because your virtual receptionist will take care of everything.

The virtual receptionist service guarantees a good relationship with your customers

The receptionist is the first point of access to you and your organization. She is the one who can make or break the customer’s first good impression of your company. For this reason, it is crucial that the voice of your receptionist favorably leads the way to your structure. After hanging up, the customer must want to come or return to you, that’s how you gain sales. The virtual receptionist service is a pole of your company that puts at your disposal modern techniques and principles of communication that are :

  • Sociability;
  • Affability;
  • Patience;
  • Attention.

All of these values combine to make the automated reception service not a robotic system devoid of warmth and emotion, but a concentrate of lures that seduce, win and retain your customers. Your customers will then have fun reaching out to your company while you are focused on doing what it takes to win more customers.

The service is active at all times

24 hours a day, 7 days a week: that’s how fast an automated reception service works. Even when your company is closed on evenings or weekends, your virtual receptionist can continue to take calls and respond to customer concerns. If your company is one that receives hundreds of calls daily, your virtual receptionist can dedicate herself 7 days a week to answering, screening and redirecting calls as needed. This permanent function considerably reduces customer waiting time and the risk of caller dissatisfaction.

A better image for your company

Having an automated answering service gives your company a more professional image. I don’t need to remind you how frustrating it is for customers to call a company and only get their outgoing ring back. When this is repeated, customers deduce that you are not available to them and, rightly so, they label you as unprofessional and switch providers. Yes, you are not the only one offering the service you do. And this is precisely why you should not consider your receptionist service lightly, because it is in a way the showcase of your company.

The speed of response as well as the way your receptionist addresses customers reflects a good or bad image of your company. This may seem unfair or illegitimate, but it is. All of the above benefits are guaranteed by the automated reception service and when this is the case, your customers are satisfied. The level of satisfaction of your customers has a direct influence on the esteem they have for your company. Logically, it follows that automated reception enhances the image that your customers have of your company.

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