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Traditionally, any business that has goals sets up a marketing strategy to achieve them. If you were one of those who thought blogging was unnecessary for your industry, you will soon discover that in this day and age, it is simply a necessity. You will learn to see blogging as a valuable tool that is part of a winning digital marketing strategy.

Improve your referencing and thus increase the traffic on your website

Natural referencing allows your company’s pages and products to rise “naturally” in the results of search engines like Bing or Google. Your product sheets will certainly make your products stand out, but that is not enough. You will need to add content to your site to maintain or improve your position in the search results.

An SEO strategy must be planned and committed to the long term. Generating online traffic with your blog requires constant effort. Each new article you publish becomes part of your site and increases your chances of attracting the attention of Internet users. Through keyword research and content relevant to your target audience, you will have a better chance of appearing on search results pages.

Acquire notoriety

By publishing relevant content on your blog, your target audience will appreciate the quality of your articles and their ability to address their concerns. In turn, Google and other search engines will begin to see you as an expert in your field. Your site will then move up in the rankings and be promoted to more potential customers.

The expertise you gain from your blog is not just limited to the perception of search engines. With a blog, you also establish authority with your audience. For example, if you sell stuffed animals and teddy bears. After studying the keywords in your niche, you will learn what topics and products are popular with your target audience. You’ll also be able to identify the problems your consumers face, such as how to wash a child’s stuffed animal. People who discover your blog posts on these topics will gradually start to trust your brand.

Thus, not only do you generate new audiences, but you attract new customers, which will impact your sales, as we will see below.

Increase your turnover

Even if not all consumers want to buy one of your products right away, your brand will remain at the forefront of their minds. By the time they are ready to make a purchase, you can be sure that these potential buyers will already have enough knowledge about your company and what you have to offer. It will then be easier to convert them into paying customers.

The power of a well-tuned and effective blogging strategy lies in its ability to help you naturally boost your sales. It’s not about turning your blog into a giant advertising space for your products, but the more content you produce, the more you’ll be able to retain your audience and acquire new ones.

In addition to boosting sales of your products or services, blogging helps you generate additional revenue over time. Once you have some popularity, you can provide advertising space or offer affiliations that encourage readers to click on links that will direct them to products offered by third-party companies (that are not your competitors) for a commission.

Facilitate the production of content for other channels

You should know that a web marketing strategy is often multichannel. This means using various methods to build brand awareness. But the constant production of creative content is not easy. It is a long and exhausting process for any human mind.

So the trick is smart reuse. You can find an efficient way to use the content you create when possible. For example, you can adapt the content of a blog post for use on your social networks. An infographic is one of many ways to reuse content from a blog post. It’s easy to understand and visually appealing to social network users. Similarly, if one of your subscribers asks a question about a topic you’ve covered on your blog, you can answer them with a link to the blog post in question.

Communicate more easily on your SME’s news

Having a blog also allows you to share exciting news with your readers. It doesn’t have to be too sales or promotional. On the contrary, it should share news about your business. It’s perfect for humanizing your brand and varying the types of messages published.

Granted, social networks are more suited to sharing behind-the-scenes insights or giving news about your business, but with a blog, you have more space to provide readers with all the details about your news. It’s a strategy not to be overlooked for important events in the life of your company.

Facilitate the implementation of an emailing

A rather effective technique in digital marketing is email marketing. It allows you to contact your target audience directly to promote your business. However, building a list of subscribers for a newsletter can take a considerable amount of time, especially if you are just starting.

When people love visiting your blog and enjoy the useful content you share, they are naturally likely to sign up for your emails and continue to receive important updates. To do this, consider creating a specific page or pop-up to encourage sign-ups for your newsletter if you haven’t already done so. Then direct your blog visitors to this page using buttons strategically placed in your articles. You can also opt for pop-ups that are statistically more effective.

Finally, play on the interconnection between the two tools. Just as you promote your newsletters on your blog, do the same by promoting your blog to those who have subscribed to your emails.

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