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You want to increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees? It’s all about keeping them engaged at work. However, if it is the commitment and motivation of the personnel that considerably influence the performance of the organization, it is not easy to maintain the commitment at the level of all employees. Indeed, motivational factors vary significantly from one employee to another. So how do you get your employees to perform well?

The driving force: trust

It is normal and necessary to place the human being at the center of your organization. Great companies that are successful are those that have managed to make their employees happy. When you allow your employees to work with little stress, they are more productive. Empowering your employees to some degree is a great form of motivation. With a certain freedom of action, a relationship of trust is created between the employer and the employee. The latter will feel a form of recognition that will indirectly motivate him. 

In any case, no one thrives in an environment that is too restrictive. If you delegate tasks more easily, you will encourage employee autonomy and responsibility. They need that. Just as they need to feel that their efforts are recognized. Simply saying thank you can boost confidence and make all the difference in an employee’s day. There are so many ways to express your appreciation to your employees; be creative.

Leading by example through your own commitment 

One of the most important qualities of management is leadership. It is crucial to be able to set an example. You must remain positive and go into the heat of the moment without fear when necessary. Also, your work ethic must be impeccable. If you have a habit of arriving late every morning, you are sending a message to employees that they can do the same. It’s not about being perfect, but try to be flawless and do your best to inspire your employees to be their best.

Beyond salary, offer good benefits to employees

It is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain employees. Younger employees are looking for more than just a salary. One way to distinguish yourself from other employers is to offer benefits other than salary. This could be insurance, discounts in stores, training or education grants, etc. 

Similarly, to stimulate the achievement of certain objectives that are important to you, you can think of an additional motivation for your staff. Why not hold an in-house contest to boost sales of a product? The prize for the winner could be an extra day off, gift cards, a paid meal, etc.

Make them love what they do

Work is serious, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. As a manager, it is your responsibility to make the work environment stimulating.  You have to make sure that your employees enjoy what they do. This is very important because there is nothing more disappointing than getting up in the morning to do a job you hate. Invest in decorating your workplace; encourage co-worker activities or add a foosball table in the break room. Also, make sure that the tasks to be performed respect the integrity of the employee and that the employee is able to perform them. 

An employee who does what he or she loves will have no trouble excelling at work. Also, don’t frustrate your employees with poorly functioning work tools. Opt for methods and tools that will allow your employees to perform well. State-of-the-art computer equipment or open-plan offices are motivating elements because they reflect that the company cares about its employees and their well-being. 

Adopt a flexible approach to personnel management

Whether it’s managing schedules or restrictions, you can show empathy from time to time to keep your employees engaged. Much like the carrot and stick policy, you need to know when to cut back. For example, try relaxing the hierarchy in your company so that everyone, including managers, pitches in when needed. 

If the realities of your business allow it, allow your employees to change their availability when they feel the need. Also allow substitutions between colleagues. Be fair to your staff. For example, don’t always have the same people working on weekends if you have a rotating schedule. 

Be clear about your vision and plans

An integral part of motivation is a sense of belonging. You lose nothing by encouraging your employees to participate in your vision. If they know where you are going, it will be easier for them to follow you. Moreover, you will notice that some of them will spontaneously go further. They will go above and beyond in their work to achieve your goals and plans. Sharing a common vision with everyone in your organization allows you to achieve phenomenal success. In any case, your employees are the first ambassadors of your company and it is good practice to include them in your plans. 

Work to develop employee skills

There are probably a lot of good employees in your organization. However, there will certainly not be enough rare gems. In essence, they are a dime a dozen. But here’s the good news; some of your employees could become gems if they had the right coaching. Skill development is still a very important aspect of a person’s aspiration to excel. Investing in the learning and training of your employees encourages them to become a better version of themselves. From another perspective, it is extremely rewarding for them to know that their employer supports their development. 

Alicia Gomez - Senior Content Manager | Alicia is an author, blogger, and certified Enneagram coach with a bachelor's in Communications. She's been blogging for six years and run a consulting business offering communications, strategy. Her favorite quote: Be you. Break free. Break through.

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